Acai Berry and Weight Loss? Donít Fall for It

Acai Berry Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss Transformation Before & After - Acai Berry

Weight loss acai berry

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All these benefits and more ó in one little berry. Perricone praised the acai berry for its high antioxidant concentrations, supplement manufacturers have been making over-the-top claims such as these about this Brazilian superfruit.

Yet for all the hype about its amazing health benefits, can the acai berry really live up to its reputation? Is Raspberry Ketone Safe? The Acai berry, pronounced ah-sigh-ee, weight loss acai berry an inch-long, dark colored fruit native to Central and South America.

It is naturally rich in anthocyanins, weight loss acai berry, which produces its dark red, weight loss acai berry, purple, and blue hues. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants which can protect the body against oxidative stress, boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Like most berries, the Acai is rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber ó all of which can contribute to overall health. Everything you see with acai berry and weight loss is all hype and false. Back inRyan and Jeremy Black went on a surfing trip to Brazil where they stumbled operational action plans the acai berry. They founded the company Sambazon and then sold acai products back to the US.

As the acai berry attracted the attention of multi-level marketing companies, the superfruit was included in diet pills and supplements as a fiber-rich detoxifier. Pretty quickly, consumers made the assumption that acai was responsible for weight loss rather than the additional ingredients in the diet pills. In order to compete for the growing market, manufacturers began praising acai for benefits the fruit did not have.

The more popular the superfruit became, the more outrageous the claims. According to Mike Adams, editor for NaturalNews. Mainstream media websites including the LA Times widely promoted the fraudulent acai scams by carrying their advertising, receiving revenues from the fraudulent marketing of adulterated acai for weight loss. Furthermore, many diet pill manufacturers parade Oprah Winfrey, Dr.

Their names are trusted and add credibility to an otherwise shifty company or website. Yet according to an interview with Dr. While the acai berry is overhyped in regards to weight loss and fat burning, this little superfruit can make a healthy addition to a well-balanced diet of different fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Just be careful where you buy it. Acai berry is very good for weight loss.

Because of their high nutritional content many supplement companies have come up with weight loss acai berry own version of an Acai berry diet. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Acai Berry and Weight Loss? References [1] Susan Donaldson James, weight loss acai berry. Weight Loss Wonder Fruit? Acai berries actually come from palm trees, weight loss acai berry.

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Weight loss acai berry