November 11, 2003

Top Ten Drugs That Cause Kidney Damage: Please Do Not Ignore This

Waht does aciphex treat

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I too decided to take myself off of paxil,and did I ever have a rough time of it, waht does aciphex treat. I had the zapping of my face mainly, vertigo, nausea, visual disturbances, lack of concentration, nightmares, palpitations and I actually thought that I was having mini seizures, waht does aciphex treat.

This drug is the most awful thing anyone can do for onself. I have only been taking Paxil CR for about 4 mths,the only side effect I can say I experinced from taking the drug was excessive yawning and going from having a very healthy sex drive to having none at all. I have been 4 days without the drug, I have started having real bad headaches, chills no fever and feeling dizzy while I am sitting down! Tunnel vision, my whole body itches and the nausea is so bad.

I am so MAD at my doctor for putting me on this drug. The drug actually helped with the problems I was having to cause me to take the drug, angry outburst, road rage, depression, ect.

Now I know it is the withdrawels from this drug that is causing me to feel this way, the withdrawels are horriable! From what I have read tonight, I am not so sure if I should quit taking the drug. My symtoms are only going to get worse.

I only wish I would have asked more questions about this drug before I started taking it. I am really scared. Please advise me of what I should do, thank you for your time.

I waht does aciphex treat glad I read this. I had very bad side effects while I was taking it and now that I stopped taking it, it is even worse. Paxil and most anti-depressants are well known for having withdrawl effects. Even a pharmacist would mastercard marketing action plan the same.

If a person had been drinking for months or years on end and they suddenly stopped drinking, they would suffer from withdrawl. I am not necessarily a supporter of Paxil, but please also be aware that all drugs have side-effects, waht does aciphex treat. And, different people suffer differently. I agree with what you say. The problem is that in our society "good drugs" and "bad drugs" are painted waht does aciphex treat an waht does aciphex treat different light.

When you see the end of a Zoloft commercial it states "Zoloft is not habit forming. SSRIs such as Paxil are vitamin b 6 absorption to cause problems. Now we are also pushing so less fine print needs to be given, waht does aciphex treat. I had taken paxil 20mg for two years for panic disorder.

The only side effects I experienced were dry mouth, throat tightness, and slight weight gain. These subsided after adjusting to this medication. Waht does aciphex treat decided to taper of to 10mg and eventually stop altogether. Withdrawal was moderate to severe and eventually overcame the malaise after four to five days. I managed fine for six months without paxil, waht does aciphex treat, but questioned how long it takes for paxil to completely leave your body.

I pondered this because sexually my orgasms were still delayed. Around the six month this delay began to disappear as if I was back to normal sexually. This is when I began to feel chest tightness, tremors, weight loss, fatigue, dizziness, etc Similar to alcohol withdrawal and detoxing. Thanks for reading and good luck to you all!!! I started taking paxil waht does aciphex treat days ago and I am with james I waht does aciphex treat want any part of this I am not taking this anymore.

I did not want to take this but my doctor really thought it would help. I do not like anything that changes the brain. My daughter who was 14 was on 35mg Paxil last year. After being on the meds for 3 months she started having seizures. These seizures were very severe. She was checked for siezures and the neurologist came up empty. The doctors said that Paxil could not cause these type of side waht does aciphex treat but I disagree.

We weaned her off the meds. It took about 5 months to get this out of her system. Yeah, I have been of paxil for a year now, and I can still remember how awful those first months off were. I had only taken it for around 2 months maybe less, when my mother ran out of money for the medication, or to even see the doctor anymore. I as forced to quit completely cold turkey. After the first 2 months, the extreme headaches stopped, waht does aciphex treat, also I had "night terrors" as I have seen them called, pretty much, when I tryed to sleep it would feel like I was in a coma, waht does aciphex treat, unable to make any body part for a long period of time and unable to even scream for help, I was 14 at the time, and that extreme fear was alot to deal with.

As I have said it is now 2 years later, it still always feels like my heart is running in a race, I still have random feeling that people and objects dont seem real and that I am looking in on the world from a 3rd person view, I still have trouble sleeping, nothing has gotten better, and I have begun to think it never will.

There are many drugs on the market that caution you against stopping abruptly. I didi that once with hormones and act test plan test up in the emergency room one night waht does aciphex treat thought I was having a heart attack, it was getting off the hormones cold turkey.

I take Paxil for a severe sleep disorder and must tell you that Paxil has given me my life back. I have never felt so good!

I have had no side effects from Paxil and feel it is the most wonderful drug ever invented. I am rested, calm, and plan to take this information about arthritis for does motrin cause stomach ache rest of my life.

I am sorry so many have experienced problems, but, I think it is just as with many other medications, not everyone can take the same drugs, waht does aciphex treat. I am allergic to codeine and penecillin, wonderful drugs, but they are a problem for me.

Just thought you might like another opinion. I am so glad I found this site. I have been on Paxil for 5 months. Shortly after I began taking a full pill 20mg. The next day, I became very sick. I had terrible sinus build up. I made no connection with the paxil because I never dreamed a medication could cause sinus infection. I went to the Dr. It did not clear up.

He put me on them for a second week but symptoms did not go away. I began having muscle spasms or jerking reflexes in my legs, arms and head, similar to when something startles you. This would occur when I would get very relaxed or close to falling asleep. The first week I was on the full dose, I would get zaps accutane bowel disease bursts of energy in my head over and over again which I thought were mini seizures.

It scared me not knowing what was happening to me. The mini seizures stopped after a couple of weeks but the jerking reflex continued as well as the sinus and ear infection. Here I am five months later,it finally dawned waht does aciphex treat me that just possibly this infection was due to the paxil. Last night, I took only a half a pill to see if my symptoms would go away. I will continue taking the half pill and watch my symptoms.

The positive thing that paxil has done for me waht does aciphex treat that I sleep so sound and I am so calm and patient. The problems have been too severe however, to continue taking it, unless the lower dosage continues to alleviate my symptoms. I am absolutely sure because of the timing that my symptoms were the product of paxil.

I suggest if anone is having similar problems, see your Dr. I have been taking Paxil since June of I just started today to stop taking it - I have had such a severe migraine all day from it. My doctor is "weaning" me to everyother day for one week taking Today with my headache, I felt like calling the FDA and screaming at them to start putting more information out about Paxil cr, the side effects - especially after you stop taking it.

How long does this go on? My sister has been taking Paxil for 2 days and has uncontrollable chills - the pharmacist said this is not due to Paxil. I believe it is and am wondering if she will ever get over this side effect. I have been on Paxil for 3 years due to panic attacks. It has been a life savor in regards to my panic diorder. I noticed that I was a lot more angry and aggressive on it, and had no feeling and no sex drive. All the dizziness and nightmares and feeling of uncontrolible angre.

I am going crazy but I am determend to get of the shit. Thanks FDA Love yah. Ive been on paxil since following the birth of my child. Paxil did improve my mood and helped with the everyday stress of life.

My doctor thought this drug would also help me with my epilepsy since I could not take my seziure meds during the day due to severe fatigue. In June of I went from 10mg down to 5mg for a coulpe of weeks and Oh, my god did my body go completly out of wack.


Waht does aciphex treat