Acute myeloid leukemia

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Divalproex Nursing Considerations, Side Effects, and Mechanism of Action Pharmacology for Nurses

Valproic acid aml

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A ra-C CytarabineD aunorubicin, E toposide Both trials have complicated treatment schemas; see papers for details. Unlikely to be completed since there were significantly more deaths in valproic acid aml arm, despite a superior primary efficacy endpoint. Unlikely to be completed since there were significantly more deaths in this arm, despite a trend towards a superior primary efficacy endpoint.

Valproic acid aml toxantrone, C ytarabine, E toposide. No active antineoplastic treatment, although some trials consider Hydroxyurea Hydrea to be a component of best supportive care. L ow-dose A ra- C Cytarabine.

Length of courses is not specified. H igh D ose AraC Cytarabine. CALGB specified that each cycle begins within 2 weeks after hematopoietic recovery from the preceding cycle.

This is the inferred dosage from the paper. L ow D ose A ra- C cytarabine, valproic acid aml. The dose of clofarabine is the one reported as valproic acid aml MTD. Note that the doses of both drugs are much lower than the other variants here. Limited details are available in the abstract. Treatment is meant to be given during aplasia. It is unclear if the course is repeated more than once.

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Valproic acid aml