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If you need help please visit www. Demystifying Depression is a great article which helped me understand some of the ways depression was affecting me, stories about paxil. Well I was on paxil for about 3 years,felt pretty good while I was on it,didnt give a shit about anything,but I just wanted to get off of it because the loss of my sex stories about paxil have been off of it for about 6 months now and it has been the worst 6 months of my life,it been that long since I been off of it and I still dont feel right,I feel messed up in the head all the time,I cant think straight,I feel like Im on some kind of crazy drug a lot of the time,my vision goes all crazy,I feel like Im goin to pass out,I get all dizzy when I try to read,I get muscle spasms,I feel pissed off a lot,my advice is to never go on the drug.

I quit taking paxil about six months ago, stories about paxil taking it off and on for the past few years. I got to certain points where I could no longer stand the depressed thoughts, anxiety, stories about paxil, and the desire for withdrawl from social activites. I turned to legal drugs. When I stories about paxil paxil I felt much more relaxed in social situations, worried less and felt an overall sense of happiness.

After taking it for a while, my body got physically taxed from processing it. I also had digestive problems while using Paxil. That in mind, I was extremely conflicted during the time I had been taking it.

Regardless of what doctors say, this is a physically and phychologically addictive drug; I still struggle with the cravings. Currently I am looking into a combonation of herbal supplements which will reduce depression and will be much more effective for long term overall health. I advise others to look into herbal medicines for depression as well.

The side effects are not bad dry mouth and occasional nausea are the worst. Sometimes I get into yawning fits.

I tried to cut back to 10mg once and did it too quickly; you definitely have to taper off very slowly. Then my new job got very stressful and I had to go back to 20mg. My daughter committed suicide while taking paxil and welbutrin to treat depression. She was 19 years old. I want to warn stories about paxil that before you consider any of these treatments make sure you are educated and counseled by health professionals that are not just there to write you a prescription, stories about paxil, that is not the end all be all, as we have found out the hard way.

I started taking paxil cr about a year ago and took it for about six months. During the time I took it I gained weight, but my biggest problem was these horrible nightmares. I quit taking the drug but I have had these dreams on and off now for six months.

Has anyone else had this problem or am I really crazy. I could not comprehend how tired I was because of the unconcerned feeling while taking paxil. I fell asleep while driving and flipped my car times. Thank God my son and I were O. I spoke to a nurse who fell asleep driving while on Paxil also. About a year ago, stories about paxil, i had something emotionally traumatic happen and became severely depressed.

I couldnt get up in the mornings, i began failing my classes in school, my performance at work dropped, i would cry constantly day and nite, and worse of all Finally i went to the doctor and she gave me Paxil, stories about paxil. It stopped the crying and it really helped me get through the days but i began to feel more and more like a zombie I gained 20lbs wasnt it bad enough that im depressed? That was only after a month and a half I now take a combo of St.

It has helped me in the same way Paxil did but without all those side effects -- i dont feel tired all day like i did on Paxil and im back at my normal weight Paxil levelled my emotions and was very instrumental in attaining sobriety however It is even prescribed for premature ejaculation condition I have had good results when my doctor put me one weekly Prozac and progressively diminishing Paxil from You can continue taking Paxil if it works for you and orgasms are not a priority.

I have been on Paxil since late I had some good times on it, but now I am stories about paxil off it as we speak. Some of my symptoms had gotten better on Paxil but my life overall has not improved. Im coming off and already my dreams have come back. I bought some books by Dr. He is one of a few doctors who wants to educate the public about psychiatric drugs and their withdrawals from them. Be Strong and be well. Then eventually it would wear off and my doctor recommended another drug.

During the in between phase i felt horrible, lightheaded, anxiety over everything. Felt better for a while but then it started wearing off again, stories about paxil. Eventually i went to a bio chemist and herboligist and he said my liver was not working right. So i went on a liver detox for 15 days and cut off my paxil. First every other day then every 2 days then every 3 days. I felt great for a week stories about paxil two.

I would constantly feel like i would fall over to the left when walking or driving a car I have been having some strange symptoms since i started taking paxil, i am also new to the stories about paxil thing and i have only been taking it a little over a month now, stories about paxil.

I have had lower right clindamycin 75mg pain since my first anxiety attack and i first thought it was nerves in my stomach.

I though it was my ovary but had a pelvic exam stories about paxil was told i was fine down there. The pain is dull and not really painfull, but rather, bothersome. Does this stories about paxil like anything to anyone? My digestion has not been the same since my anxiety attack, stories about paxil.

Another thing that has been happening is a numbness in my left arm similar to the feeling my arm had during my anxiety attack but to a lesser degree. Is this a side effect of paxil maybe? I have been on Paxil for 5 years now and has worked incredible for my anxiety and ok for my depression. The worst side effect has been the loss of libido. I am 26 years old and have not had sex in 2.

A bit of advice, do not go off Paxil cold turkey, stories about paxil. I get the most horrible "brain zaps" after 3 days of not taking my meds and usually cry over nothing which is actually relieving, since I can not cry on Paxil nor show any emotion, stories about paxil.

For awhile I was on the normal clinical dose of 20 mg and was doing pretty well without much of this zombie side effect but with mild weight gain then my doctor thought maybe we could get more progress on 30 mg. I turned into a zombie and gained 20 what to know about vitamin suppliments in 3 weeks, and was quickly put back to stories about paxil mg, stories about paxil.

About 6 months or so later my doctor lowered my dose to 10 mg and I had the same effect. Over the course of the last year I slowly weaned myself off paxil on accident as I started forgetting to take it more and more often and eventually just stopped.

Where is this gonna take me? I have been athletic all my life, stories about paxil, coaching and stories about paxil in college, I lost control of my body and mind after being on Paxil for 7 months, stories about paxil.

After the doc said to stay on, I quit cold turkey and supplemented more cardio and weight training to release stress and anxiety. It worked I had one or two rough days which were helped by concentrateing on exercise and vitamins, stories about paxil.

Use your body to naturally regain control!!!!!!!! I have lost 15 pounds and will losethe rest within two months, naturally. I have been paxil since I am no longer prescribing to that method. I am working through my withdrawals and determine to succeed. I was put on paxil at the age of twenty-two after my mom died. It really seem to help for the first couple of years, but now that im trying to get of the drug; I feel worse than ever.

I literally feel im going crazy. I never knew something that is supposed to make you feel better, stories about paxil, in the end can destroy you. Everyday is a struggle. I have been on Paxil for 11 years after suffering through the loss of two very special people 7 months apart and having to under go a emergency surgery.

I stories about paxil quit smoking during this time after smoking for over 20 years. Needless to say I was stories about paxil total mess. I started off with 40mg apx 6 years ago I weened myself slowly to 20 mg which is where I am today.

I have tried to go off it with no sucess. My sex drive is non existant I have gained 70 lbs which I have lost 25 and it seems I will never loose any more.

Thank god my husband of 23 years has put up with the lack of sexual desire sometimes you just have to through the motions to keep things on even keel. When i do have stories about paxil with my husband it takes me forever to reach orgasm with almost intense pain.

I hate this damn drug it is holding me hostage and I want to be set free, stories about paxil. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations. I took paxil 5 mg for about a month. I took it at night with, stories about paxil.

Made me have night sweats.


Stories about paxil