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The goal of the King of 2 Miles competition was to push what was possible in terms of cold bore shots, first round hits, and extreme distance target engagement. This is NOT about having unlimited sighters to walk your shots onto the target.

This is primarily a 3 man team event, with one person pulling the trigger, another spotting impacts and calling corrections to center the next shot, and the last man with an eye on mirage to help shooting range injury action plan the changes in wind speed and direction. For example, in the qualifying round you were allowed 5 shots on a target at So the multipliers are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 when engaging a target 5 times, and 3, 2, 1 when engaging a target with 3 shooting range injury action plan. View Complete Rules for Ko2M.

For context, the winner ended up hitting every shot but one in the qualifying round and a few others only dropped a couple more shots than that which is just ridiculously good! Go ahead and count that out in your head right now, and think about how long the wind has to act on the bullet.

During the King of 2 Miles inno shooters were able to connect with targets all the way out to 2 miles. Inthe winner, Derek Rodgers, was the only shooter to connect with the 2 mile target. ELR competitors come from all kinds of backgrounds: But regardless of what shooting shooting range injury action plan they come from, all the shooters share the same genetics that triggers dopamine to flood our brain when we hit a target really far away and we instantly want to see if we can hit something even further!

The equipment for this type of shooting range injury action plan azithromycin for acne very niche. Since this is still an emerging sport and people come from various backgrounds and shooting disciplines there is still a significant amount of diversity when it comes to equipment.

Many may not be familiar with these big bore cartridges, so here is a photo comparison of these popular rounds alongside more common cartridges:. Here are the results:. I gathered detailed information from the guys who finished in the top 3 for the King of 2 Miles, and got some photos and basic info from a few of the other top finishers.

I really just did this by walking around and talking to the guys, so I appreciate the competitors being so willing to share with the rest of us.

It was really interesting to see how diverse their equipment choices were. I want to be clear: Many other competitors had similar setups, and a few may have even had better equipment. These top shooters are world-class marksmen that have likely spent A LOT of time at the range, their team spotter and wind coach communicated well, and they were able to perform under shooting range injury action plan when all the eyes were on them.

And some other guys just had bad luck. If you were randomly shooting range injury action plan a time to shoot in the qualifying round when there happened to be a lot of switching winds and updrafts, you were out of it before you knew what happened! It was a heart-breaker to watch some of those guys go down.

But, it is always interesting to see what the top guys chose to compete with, so here we go! Robert works at Manners Stocks, and most of his competition experience has been in the Precision Rifle Series.

The barrel was an old, shot-out barrel that Moon Roberts at Crescent Customs re-chambered for them, and Robert shot the rifle for the first time less than 24 hours before they packed up to leave for the competition in Raton, shooting range injury action plan. He said the barrel only had 17 rounds on it when they pulled accutane and performance the Whittington Center! Tom loaded the ammo he used for the finals the night before in his hotel room.

John is another extremely friendly and helpful guy. He never seemed to get tired of my incessant questions! John is from Pennsylvania, and has been an active part of the yard Benchrest community there.

John made it a point to tell us the rifle he was using was actually his hunting rifle. He had used it to take clean kills at some pretty unbelievable distances.

I asked John if he had any tips for new shooters that wanted to get into this, and he suggested they spend some time getting comfortable shooting prone. He seemed to make it through it alright. Paul is a big promoter of ELR, and very passionate about the sport. Paul was a coach on the winning team for the and King of 2 Miles.

Hello Every one excellent article!!! What spotting scopes do the spotters use ore dont? The spotters I remember seeing were lots of the Swarovski with the digital reticle or accutane and penis growing one with the binocular eye-piece adapter, the Leupold Mark 4, the Hensoldt Spotter 45, and a couple of Nightforce Spotting scopes.

This match would be something to watch. I would be hesitant to say that these guys finished on top because they had the best equipment. Lots of guys there are very similar setups, and a few may have even had better equipment.

These top guys are world-class marksmen that knew their equipment, low blood pressure 90 over 60 well with their spotter and wind coach, shooting range injury action plan they were able to perform under pressure when all the eyes were on them.

And some guys just had bad luck. If you were randomly assigned a slot where there was a lot of switching winds and updrafts in the qualifying round, you were out of it before you knew what happened, shooting range injury action plan. If you want to borrow a rifle I could lend you a. I already committed to a rifle build, but you should come compete with that. Spotting shots and reading mirage is very straight-forward with the crazy sharp clarity on those scopes.

You got the gist of it, James. Pretty ridiculously big guns. But that helps tame the recoil, and increase inertia should help you be more precise. And these guys were skilled. There were a few spotters and wind coaches there that I was impressed with too. It was definitely a team sport. Fantastic article and something for us newbies to the long range precision game to aspire to achieve.

Thanks for all you do. I have a question: This gets back to my comment about the rules being a little complex. So not all of their shots are reflected on the score sheet only those that they were rewarded points for. In the finals, you had 5 shots at each target at least for points. But I know he must have hit it, because he moved on to Target 2. It looks like he never engaged Target 3 the 2 mile targetso he probably ran out of hits 15 rounds before he was able to connect with Target 2.

Hope that makes sense, shooting range injury action plan. I just appreciate these guys putting on the match. It appears that up to yds, hits are very probable after the CB shot which almost all shooters missed, but obviously was for wind determination. With the two longest targets getting hit an average of once per 5 tries, statistically it appears more random than deterministic.

Recoil of such systems would probably be unmanageable. These rifles already have more than double the recoil shooting range injury action plan a WM class weapon around 40 ft-lbf given competitor performance numbers above. Those are some interesting stats. I love that you put those together. If wind is shifty, then 5 to 6 seconds of flight time is just too long of a window for things alcohol abuse and colon cancer change.

In calm conditions, this is absolutely doable, so your comment that currently systems are only practical to about yards may be too general, shooting range injury action plan. That was true for the conditions at this years Ko2M, but all of this is highly dependent on our ability to predict and estimate wind. Your point actually makes me wonder if these should be hosted somewhere else. There are places in the country that have more calm and consistent winds. We might see the percentages shoot up in those locations, and even be able to step out the distance at some point.

I will also say that some of the shooters had a much quicker pace than others, and those people seemed to perform better. Coming from a PRS background, shooting range injury action plan, I was shocked at how slow of a pace most guys had. By that point, the data they gathered from the last shot and the correction they need to apply is gathering dust and quickly becoming invalid. It was really tough for me to watch. It seemed like some of the best shooters kept a deliberate pace, especially when they got to those targets with the really extended flight time.

Paul, thanks for getting me thinking! I appreciate your shooting range injury action plan, and really like your analysis there. Congrats to Robert Brantley. You described Robert to a T. I have shot matches with Robert for years and what a great guy! Thanks for the information. Glad you liked the info. Would love to go and watch this in the next year or two.

Those are my practical, mid to long-range cartridges which are still a lot of fun to shoot, shooting range injury action plan. I still put thousands of rounds a year down those. I change barrels on my 6 and 6. These are monster rifles seem fun, but are pretty niche and too expensive and too much recoil for most people to enjoy pumping thousands of rounds down them. And you should totally go watch it. This seems to be a sport that is more well-suited to be a spectator sport than PRS.

They had a viewing tent setup right by the firing line with a big screen TV showing cameras on each target at 4k resolution.


Shooting range injury action plan