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I am currently trying to quit the omeprazole and found this article to be very accurate and helpful. Docs are not bad people but I think they go with what the drug reps adalat xl them to say. I have used this stuff for maybe 7 years and have just been diagnosed with rapid bone loss! I was told by my doc that if I tried the drug for a couple of months and then tried to quit it would prove to me if I needed the drug.

This article is very useful and encourages me to keep trying to slowly decrease the dosage. I think doctors should read more the existing literature. There are plenty of articles mentioning rebound effects after long-term use of proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole, prilosec action.

I would have appreciated it if my doctor had mentioned this to me! I am in my third year of taking omeprazole. I prilosec action had severe knee and hip pain along with lower back pain.

I was also diagnosed with a Vitamin B12 deficiency. I asked my gastroenterologist if joint pain could be linked to omeprazole. I take mg per day. I never thought that an OCT drug could possible cause such pain, prilosec action. Zantac Zantac is a medicine which is used in a number of conditions, prilosec action.

Zantac tablets, effervescent tablets, syrup and injection all contain the active ingredient ranitidine, which is a type of medicine called an H2 receptor antagonist.

Thank you for sharing. I was diagnosed with oesteoporosis and Hiatel Hernia in May and have been prilosec action 40 mg Prilosec every morning since then. First 6 months the medication mostly worked but then I started to get symptoms despite taking meds. I changed my diet. I have reduced my dosage to aciphex medicine used for. I will reduce to 1 pill in a few weeks and keep that on for a month. Good luck tapering down, I hope you stay symptom free, prilosec action.

Thank you so prilosec action for sharing your story and trying to help others taper off these drugs, prilosec action.

I have been on Omeprazole for years and now am trying to quit. Thankfully I read your post because I just quit cold turkey 3 days ago. My capsules are not firm, but gelatin and full of tiny pills, so I might need to contact my doctor to see if I can get the dosage reduced from 20mg to 10mg, prilosec action.

I also bought enzymes to take before meals to help with my digestion. I too have a hiatal hernia. I am afraid of causing damage to my esophagus so will need to be aware of my diet, take probiotics and the enzymes and prilosec action. Thanks again prilosec action taking the time to share your story.

Believe me, prilosec action, it works. I really appreciate your sharing. I have very bad reflux symptoms after stop PPI. Though I am not sure if that could be rebound, since it has been more than 1 month.

After reading your article, I am prilosec action that is related to PPI, prilosec action. Yes I agree with you that Drs should be more careful using these drugs before they truly sure what a patience is sick for. Thank you very much for your article. That will help people. Hi PPI free, Thank you for sharing your prilosec action. That is very much helpful. I too suffer from heartburn and reflux symptom after stop PPI, prilosec action.

Just like you, I never have heartburn and reflux before. The first month of quit was miserable, I have severe reflux symptom which I was not sure if those are reflux. Because most of time I got mucus like liquid in my mouth which I originally thought it was mucus secrete in throat. After 1 month, I start to have pain in chest, back pain, unusual sensation maybe I will describe as cold pulling feeling inside my body which I guess reflux have caused some harm to my esophagus.

I hyaluronic acid blood pressure have you also experienced these kinds of pain when you prilosec action to quit PPI. Thank you also for the precise description of a wave of acid, prilosec action.

Thank you so much for this. I also have full-blown osteoporosis so I feel the doctor was even more irresponsible in prescribing this. I am now going to try to get a pill I can cut, and follow your excellent method. I do feel much of what happens in medicine is due to profits made by pill companies. And doctors know we want quick relief. Prilosec action pain was horrendous -- enough though prilosec action I quit all bad habits immediately.

I think that and eating properly prilosec action sleeping almost sitting up would have been enough. Instead I am now addicted to a seriously dangerous medicine, prilosec action. Prilosec action I think I do have acid reflux, unlike your situation.

I wanted to ask if Gerd or losec causing heavy breathing problems on exhale? Or any other weird symptoms like swollen tongue feeling or like you have to catch your breath when sleeping? I have that right now and have before. Swollen tongue big time! Write me on here or facebook etc. I totally had the exact same thing happen while singing. Now 5 years later after taking the same thing I am trying to stop. Thanks for the info.

I went to an every other day so far and went off the zantac months ago. This was a fascinating post and very similar to my story. I am a professional singer and voice teacher and have had a very hoarse throat for two years. I was diagnosed with strep throat over and over After 8 weeks I feel no better and have gained 8 pounds and feel bloated all the time.

I plan to have a follow up visit to get off of this medication. I feel worse on it, prilosec action. Very tired, lots of headaches and very hungry. For those who have problems mainly at night with acid; try sodium alginate, prilosec action.

It was in Malox night liquid about a year ago and it worked for me. I ordered a bottle of pure sodium alginate through the web and am hoping it will arrive today. I prilosec action I read your post 3 days ago when I attempted to go off Losec, prilosec action. The acid rebounded the second day and I am worst today. My gastroenterologist did not warn me about this even though I asked prilosec action it is okay to go off and on it. Everything you said rings true from my experience of Losec, prilosec action.

The rebound is the worst that I have ever had it. I have been on this medication daily since then. I use the generic Omeprazole which comes in 10 mg capsiles with 9 lil pellets in them. I was able to reduce my use to 4 pellets there are 9 in a 10 mg capsule of a 10mg capsule daliy. Total amount is This is slightly more than 3 10 mg capsules for the week. I have tried to cycle down to to nothing. I was off of prilosec for 8 days, prilosec action.

I tried to use calcium I tried to use baking soda I tried Zantac all diring that down time in order to beat the horriffic rebound. I had tried 50 times over the years, prilosec action. This was the farthest I got. I had to go back on. I started to have severe gastritis.

The fire in my esophagus was hell. Over the years of useage I was getting severe joint pain. Xrays showed nothing wrong.


Prilosec action