Generic Field Trip worksheet

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Lesson Plans for Use with Field Trips

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Lesson plan generic field trip activity

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Their spots, which are as unique as humans fingerprints, are designed for camouflage. And they need less sleep than any other mammal, using the time instead to browse for food. When you go to the zoo, be on the lookout for the clever ways animals adapted to their surroundings and developed traits that help them survive.

Students will understand the connection between diet and habitat. How do you get your food? Student answers may include the store, my family, a restaurant, lesson plan generic field trip activity. Would it change if you had to grow and prepare all your own food? Discuss that what we eat depends on our surroundings and abilities, just like animals. Explain to students that we will be observing animals in their habitats to discover what diets and eating habits they have and why.

Create a K-W-L chart to assess prior knowledge. Have students observe animals. On paper, they will note the animal name, describe the habitat and the diet, and include any notes on eating habits. With younger students, you may need to model how to observe exhibits in the aquarium. Look carefully and slowly at all parts of the exhibit - animals, lesson plan generic field trip activity, plants, rocks, sand. Notice the colors, textures, and amount of organisms in the exhibit, as well as what they are doing.

Read the informational signs around the exhibit. Ask questions and make hypotheses. Focus on one animal and take descriptive notes. Allow students to move around the zoo, observing and making notes. After viewing the exhibits, ask students to share their findings. What animals did they learn about? Where do these animals live, what do they eat, and what habits do they have?

Discuss the following questions: What do you notice? Did you see any examples? Lesson plan generic field trip activity view the interactive lesson about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores at http: Students create a menu for an animal they studied, including options for breakfast, lesson plan generic field trip activity, dinner, and snacks.

A great lesson about animal instincts vs. By Zip Code miles. Lesson Plans that Support Class Trips.


Lesson plan generic field trip activity

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