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Lesson 2: Planning an Activity

Lesson plan for desktop publishing activities

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High-end word processors can do much of what a desktop publishing program does, at least for fairly simple documents. The difference between them has become a bit blurred. Look at a national magazine and try to duplicate the layout and graphics quality in a word processor! You will see that there IS a difference. For professional publications, a desktop publishing program gives the precise control needed and also advanced capacities such as preparing four-color separations for pepcid complete actress printing.

Arrangement of text and graphics. Sometimes the lesson plan for desktop publishing activities you are working in, like Draft or Web Layout, is not how the document will print.

In the olden days programs did not have a print preview at all. A bit later they had one but the printed document might look quite different from what abilify is prescribed for saw on the screen. Printers had their own fonts. These were not quite the same as the screen fonts, even for fonts with the same name!

For full color in high quality printing, the paper goes through the printing press 4 times, once for each of the colors c yan, m agenta, y ellow, and blac k CMYK color system. The print shop must create separate versions of your document, called separations, lesson plan for desktop publishing activities, for each color. Request permission to use this site with your class.

Want a local copy with no ads? Levels of Software "Desktop publishing" covers a wide range of activities and difficulty levels: Professional Create for commercial printing - magazine, lesson plan for desktop publishing activities, company annual report, newspaper, book, full-color advertising. Use a wizard or template to create a brochure, business card, geodon abuse ad and print on your own printer.

Make your own greeting cards, calendars, or labels. To prepare documents with graphics with precise control of the layout. Ability to place text and graphics precisely on page Ability to chain sections together like newspaper columns Advanced tools for professional work. Arrangement of text and graphics Examples show two layouts for the same page. Pre-drawn pictures or photos to add to page.


Lesson plan for desktop publishing activities