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The lightest known metal can also lighten your mood. Lithium, atomic number 3, is an element of many uses. Lithium carbonate is a common treatment of bipolar disorder, helping to stabilize the wild mood swings caused by the illness. Information about lithium has a flashy discovery story literally. The actonel 35mg side affects is white to gray, but when thrown into fire, it flares bright crimson.

InSwedish chemist Johan August Arfvedson discovered that petalite contained a previously unknown element. The name, lithium, is from "lithos," the Greek for "stone. It took until for someone to isolate lithium: British chemist Augustus Matthiessen and German chemist Robert Bunsen ran a current through lithium chloride in order to separate the element. Lithium is a special metal in many ways. Like its fellow information about lithium metal, sodium, lithium reacts with water in showy form.

Lithium makes up a mere 0. Those salts have the power to change the brain: Today, lithium carbonate is the compound most often sold as a pharmaceutical.

Oddly, no one knows exactly how lithium works to stabilize mood. Studies show multiple effects on the nervous system. Lithium has a problem or astrophysicists do. There are two basic possibilities, Serpico said: One is that scientists are missing something about the primordial conditions of the universe that would explain the absent lithium. This is a tough explanation to find. Lithium remains an outlier in an otherwise functional explanation for how the universe formed, information about lithium.

Another possibility is that there is a "new physics" explanation for the missing lithium in the universe today, Serpico said. In other words, the lithium was created in the expected amounts at the Big Bang, but something mysterious and unknown has been destroying it more rapidly than expected ever information about lithium. The researchers focused on a phenomenon common in the early days of the universe, when space was humming with energetic photons light particles.

Against information about lithium "hot" conditions, elementary particles, the building blocks of atoms, information about lithium, were born. At a certain energy level, injecting new energetic photons into the mix efficiently destroys beryllium-7, the precursor to lithium-7, without affecting other nuclei.

Those other nuclei remain at the same levels seen in the star observations. Suddenly, information about lithium, the potential for a Big Bang reaction with less lithium than previously expected starts to make sense. Live Science Planet Earth Reference: Many electronic devices use batteries that information about lithium lithium metal or lithium compounds. Atomic number number of protons in the nucleus: Li Atomic weight average mass of the atom: Stephanie Pappas, information about lithium, Live Science Contributor on.


Information about lithium