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Charity care about kids with cancer

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Kids Cancer Charity was established in as Christian Lewis Trust to help children with cancer and their families. Its objectives remain unchanged as we continue to strive to help all children affected by cancer but we have, over the last 25 years broadened the range of scope of the services we offer. With the growing numbers of childhood cancer incidence and survivors, the charity remains committed to reach all those children and their families who may need its help.

To improve the quality of life for children and teenagers affected by cancer. To provide emotional and practical support that complements and adds value to the services provided by the statutory authorities. To recognise that childhood cancer affects the entire family. Who do we help? We are so busy with our lives that we forget how precious and fragile life can be. When illness strikes it can be devastating, but when it happens to our children, it can be crushing.

Stuart began what felt like a never ending cycle after cycle of treatment, leaving Stuart and his family exhausted. Stuart desperately needed charity care about kids with cancer break away from hospitals and spend some time with his family. His parents were distraught, trying to comfort and console Stuart whilst his younger brother and sister could not understand why Stuart was getting all the charity care about kids with cancer and cuddles. The charity also put the family in touch with the local paediatric oncology hospital just in case they needed it.

This holiday respite enabled Charity care about kids with cancer and his family put life back into perspective. These breaks can often help to reunite families and restore their feeling of belonging by giving them time away together in beautiful surroundings.

It is time when families can forget their problems for a short while and laugh together, talk or just have some quiet time away from hospitals and everything clinical. Life changes when a child is diagnosed with cancer and family life is disrupted, as Stuart and his family quickly learnt. Parents and children find that a stress free break can have magical therapeutic powers as some of these comments from our very special families have shown us: To spend time together was so precious.

Bless you and those who make such holidays possible for people like us. During the past year individuals had a cost-free break at one of our mobile homes in Wales. The South Wales-based charity has three luxury caravans which provide families with seaside breaks at locations along the Welsh coastline, charity care about kids with cancer. In Kids Cancer Charity formerly Christian Lewis Trust will commemorate 27 years of caring and supporting families affected by cancer.

Sincethe charity has helped many thousands of families and gained UK-wide recognition for its work and activities. Many children affected from cancer are not well enough to journey outside of the country so our luxury seaside caravans provide accessible respite for families who need a break closer to home.

We hope Kids for Life generosity will inspire more people to support our cause. Please find attached your invoice receipt, charity care about kids with cancer. On behalf of everyone at Kids Cancer Charity established as Christian Lewis Trust in it is my great pleasure to thank you and everyone at Kids for Life for your very kind and generous support.

It is invaluable to the work we do. We have now been providing our services to families for 25 years, and it is only through the generosity of individuals such as you that we are able to continue, and indeed enhance, the work of the charity to meet the ever-increasing demands placed upon its limited resources, charity care about kids with cancer.

Your donation will be used to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families helping them through the unimaginable stress they live with on a daily basis. With enough care and understanding it is possible to provide fun and laughter even in those difficult circumstances.

Eira Gwynn Eira Gwynn. Kids Cancer Charity Objectives - click here. Kids Cancer Charity Update - click here.


Charity care about kids with cancer