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How to Construct An Affirmative Action Plan

Affirmative action plan penalties

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Substantial monetary liability and debarment from present and future government contracts are just some of the potential penalties facing affirmative action plan penalties and subcontractors who fail to comply with the ever-increasing requirements imposed on those who do business with federal, state and local governmental entities.

FordHarrison attorneys advise current and potential government contractors and subcontractors about their labor and employment obligations, assist contractors in their compliance efforts, and defend contractors in enforcement proceedings under the many applicable statutes, executive orders and regulations. Now, more than ever, contractors and subcontractors should proactively manage their governmental relationships to maximize compliance with these obligations. Companies should determine the extent of their obligations and, at a minimum, actively review their affirmative action plans and routinely self-audit their personnel activities and compensation practices.

The consequences of non-compliance are significant, affirmative action plan penalties. Companies that fail to comply often face findings of systemic discrimination and demands for large monetary settlements. Affirmative Action Plan Development. FordHarrison assists clients in the design, maintenance, and implementation of written affirmative action plans "AAPs" that are consistent with applicable law and implementing regulations.

The firm also prepares AAPs in accordance with state and local affirmative action laws. Our team of attorneys and trained professionals provides affirmative action plan penalties advice and counsel based on the results of plan analyses and assists with the full implementation of AAPs such as identifying outreach organizations, posting jobs with local job services, etc. FordHarrison attorneys have extensive experience representing covered contractors and subcontractors in OFCCP Reviews throughout the country.

Such representation includes assisting with the final preparation and review of AAPs; reviewing and analyzing supporting documentation including adverse impact analysis with respect to personnel activities and compensation analysis ; providing advice and counsel regarding strategy; conducting management training seminars in preparation for the onsite portion of an OFCCP audit; and negotiating with the OFCCP to resolve any outstanding issues that may arise during an audit.

FordHarrison has expertise and software to conduct compensation analyses for covered affirmative action plan penalties and subcontractors, affirmative action plan penalties. The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect as well as understanding and harnessing the unique attributes of all employees in an organization. FordHarrison attorneys can assist companies with the selection and implementation of employment tests.

The OFCCP carefully scrutinizes corporations for the existence of "glass ceilings" or barriers to the advancement of women and minorities. In addition, our affirmative action plan penalties has conducted mock audits discussed in more detail below to help companies identify and remedy potential areas of vulnerability prior to an actual Corporate Management Review, affirmative action plan penalties.

Internal Monitoring and Reporting. Our attorneys have conducted a broad range of statistical analyses related to internal monitoring and reporting to assist clients in the identification of potential problem areas, affirmative action plan penalties.

In addition, the attorneys have experience with a variety of software products and can assist companies with the selection and implementation of such software, affirmative action plan penalties. Administrative agencies, including the OFCCP, frequently attempt to assert broad jurisdiction that may not be supported by applicable law.

FordHarrison attorneys have extensive experience counseling and advocating for clients regarding the application of applicable affirmative action laws including single entity issues and identifying "covered" subcontractors. FordHarrison regularly provides training on a wide array of topics, including plan development, applicant tracking and audit preparation. We also offer management training in preparation for the onsite portion of a Compliance Review or Corporate Management Review.

At the same time, our experience and library of previously prepared materials enable us to provide training in a cost-effective manner.

FordHarrison attorneys and professionals have experience in conducting comprehensive mock audits for corporations either in anticipation affirmative action plan penalties Compliance Reviews or Corporate Management Reviews, or in an effort to proactively ascertain their compliance with applicable civil rights laws including, but not limited to, federal affirmative action laws.

Mock audits also are a useful diagnostic tool to assess employee perceptions regarding corporate communication and commitment to corporate diversity.

FordHarrison also represents companies in connection with administrative litigation arising from audits. This includes jurisdictional issues, defending contractors and subcontractors against allegations of unlawful discriminatory practices, as affirmative action plan penalties as assisting companies in maintaining the confidentiality of materials submitted to the OFCCP which are covered by the federal Freedom of Information Act and similar "sunshine" laws.

Construction and Service Contracts. Construction and service contractors and subcontractors who contract with governmental entities are typically subject to laws and regulations that, among other things, establish prevailing wages and fringe benefits for designated classes of employees working on these contracts.

Federal contractors and subcontractors must also observe affirmative action plan penalties occupational safety and health standards and must maintain certain records unless a specific exemption applies, affirmative action plan penalties. Other affirmative labor and employment obligations are often overlooked by the unwary. State and local governments often impose similar or more onerous labor obligations. We advise our clients regarding all aspects of these labor and employment obligations including: Other Laws, Regulations and Orders.

Our attorneys represent and assist our clients in recognizing, complying with and defending claims brought under many other federal, state and local government labor and employment-related statutes, regulations and orders applicable to contractors and subcontractors. Local prevailing wage and benefit requirements, the labor provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulations, and the employment obligations imposed on recipients of federal funds or grants are representative of the types of issues with which our attorneys regularly deal.

If you would like us actonel price prepare a proposal to assist your company with your labor and employment law needs, please contact clientservice fordharrison. We help current and potential government contractors identify and comply with a multitude of applicable statutes, executive orders and regulations.


Affirmative action plan penalties