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View the 10 steps below for recommended actions and tools you can use to develop and execute your own Recycling at Work action plan. Step 1 - Make Commitment, action plan for employee. Step 2 - Assemble Team. Step 3 - Conduct Audit. Step 4 - Develop a Plan. Step 5 - Make It Easy. Step 6 - Launch Your Program. Step 7 - Monitor Progress. Step 8 - Publicize Success. Step 9 - Buy Recycled-Content. Step 10 - Encourage Others.

Make the commitment Take the Recycling at Work pledge and join other businesses and organizations leading the national effort to increase recycling in the workplace.

Recycling at Work is a national voluntary initiative promoting the actions of businesses, government agencies and institutions to increase recycling in the workplace.

Become a Pledge Partner today action plan for employee taking the Recycling at Work pledge and access free tools and resources to help you recycle more, encourage action plan for employee participation, action plan for employee, and earn recognition.

Assemble a recycling team Your team should be cross-functional representing key departments such as administration, IT, facilities maintenance, procurement and operations. Each of these departments is fundamental to the success of your recycling program. Ask the team to identify a Recycling Team Leader who will be responsible for coordinating and implementing your workplace recycling initiatives.

They will coordinate with the rest of the team to conduct waste assessments, set recycling goals, plan recycling activities, educate employees, and monitor your progress. Make sure they have management support, adequate resources, clear goals and are empowered to drive change. Conduct a waste audit Do a baseline assessment of what types of recyclables and waste your office generates, how much is recycled and how much is discarded. Use that data to improve your current recycling program and identify potential cost-savings and revenue opportunities.

A waste audit is fundamental to implementing a action plan for employee recycling program and effectively measuring your progress. Some local governments and waste haulers offer waste audit services to businesses free of charge. Instructions and Worksheets Helpful Links: State and Local Government Programs and Resources.

Develop a recycling plan Identify what should be recycled starting with the materials that make up the largest portion of your waste stream. Discuss collection methods and removal options lithium aa wholesale what you can do to improve your existing program. Carefully consider the location, type, size and number of recycling bins you currently have and identify what you need to make recycling easier for employees.

In addition to vitamin for iron absorption the logistics of your recycling action plan for employee, use the meeting as an opportunity to enlist their help in educating employees. Check out these helpful tips and ideas for working effectively with your custodial team and property management. Avoid confusion by ensuring your recycling bins look different than garbage cans and are clearly marked with signs or labels showing what materials are accepted.

Recycling Sign-maker customizable recycling signs - coming soon! Launch your Recycling at Work program Start by enlisting your president, CEO or top administrator to send out a memo to all employees endorsing the new recycling program and encouraging their participation, action plan for employee. Organize a Recycling at Work kick-off event to educate employees about your new recycling procedures and get their ideas for ongoing improvements to your program, action plan for employee.

Your kick-off event can be anything from a zero-waste dessert social to a simple staff meeting dedicated to recycling. Whatever type of event you choose, start with a training presentation and provide hand-outs detailing your new recycling procedures. Other ways to internally publicize the launch of your new recycling program may include promotional posters in high-traffic areas, writing an article for your e-newsletter or a post on your company blog or intranet. Internal Recycling Competition Employee Activity: Mug Shots Employee Activity: Ideas for Employee Recycling Activities.

Monitoring your program from the start will allow you to identify and correct problems and track whether your recycling goals are being met. Share your recycling challenges and progress with employees and work with them on program improvements or modifications.

Encourage them to become more involved in reaching your recycling goals by setting up a suggestion box or special email address where they can submit their ideas and feedback about the program. Publicize success and action plan for employee recycling achievements Share your recycling successes with employees using memos from senior management, your newsletter, intranet, and about face skin care emails to share your recycling achievements with employees.

Highlight recycling rate increases, environmental impact, cost-effectiveness and employee participation, action plan for employee. Likewise, be sure you recognize individual employees who have made noteworthy contributions to your recycling effort with a letter of appreciation sent directly from your president or CEO.

Acknowledge them publicly among their co-workers with a special award at a staff meeting, action plan for employee, a Recycling at Work gift, or a mention in action plan for employee company newsletter. In addition to celebrating successes internally, publicize your recycling achievements externally to customers, media and other stakeholders. Dedicate a page on your website to your Recycling at Work initiative and accomplishments, action plan for employee.

Send out a regular update to your email lists. Distribute a press release to your trade press and local media. Finally look for opportunities to garner recognition through local government programs and national programs like Recycling at Work.

Ideas for Employee Recognition. Look for opportunities to buy recycled-content products Work with your purchasing staff to create contingency plans and accounting list of office supplies and products made from post-consumer recycled material starting with your paper products such as printer paper, note pads, envelopes, and cardboard packaging materials.

Notify your printer and suppliers that your organization prefers to use products made from post-consumer recycled materials. Encourage other organizations and businesses to take the pledge Invite at least one other organization to take the Recycling at Work pledge.

Sample Take the Pledge Invitation Email.


Action plan for employee